We have four individualized classrooms for each of the following developmental age groups:

We have four individualized classrooms for each of the following developmental age groups:

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Crested Butte, CO

Lambs | Ages 1-2

The Lambs classroom is taught by Ms. Allison and Ms. Megan. This classroom is the introduction to our play-based, child-lead learning structure. It is where your child will develop important life skills that will become the base for future schooling. We begin with bonding then focus on teaching schedule. As we progress we address individual goals such as eating skills, dressing skills and language skills- verbal and non-verbal including sign language. We teach our students to be independent and confident as well as social-emotional skills such as kindness and compassion. The classroom environment supports a calm and loving home-away-from-home for our precious little Lambs.

doves | Ages 2-3

The Doves classroom is when our children really start to discover who they are and their place in a group setting. This is the year where we really start to figure out how to interact with our friends, teachers and family. We learn how to label our feelings and the appropriate way to express these feelings both verbally and physically. This is also the year where we focus on potty training. We create personalized schedules for each child to make sure that one of the top priorities of the day is potty training. The Doves classroom is the year when our students embrace their independence and begin to flourish as their own unique person.

lions | Ages 3-4

The Lions’ Classroom provides your child with a well-structured, child-guided learning experience. We emphasize building young children’s social-emotional skills parallel to their academics. Writing skills, number recognition and linguistics evolve naturally as we learn and explore about different subjects such as space, ramps, etc.

whales | Ages 4-5

This is the classroom where we relish being the ” Seniors” of the school… the pre-kindergartners. In the Whales Classroom we explore a variety of academic skills such as learning to write, number recognition, and various science subjects. As Whales we strive to hone our phonemic awareness. Additionally, playing is a big part of this classroom! 4 and 5 year olds learn so much when they engage in socio-dramatic play! Dressing up, using our imaginations, building, running, jumping, singing and dancing are activities you will see in the Whales class daily! Finally, we learn about the world by venturing outside on field trips and seeing first-hand everything our community has to offer.

We promote physical, mental and moral growth using the Pyramid Plus Model in our Reggio Emilia inspired classrooms.