Our Classrooms

  • We offer four distinct classrooms

    • Lambs
      Ages 1-2

    The Lambs classroom is taught by Ms. Allison and Ms. Jesse. This classroom is the introduction to our play-based child lead  learning structure. It is where your child will develop important life skills that will become the base for future schooling. We begin with bonding then focus on teaching schedule. As we progress we address individual goals such as eating skills, dressing skills and language skills- verbal and non-verbal including sign language. We teach our students to be independent and confident as well as social emotional skills such as kindness and compassion. The classroom environment supports a calm and loving home away from home for our precious little Lambs.

    • Doves
      Ages 2-3

    The Doves classroom is when our children really start to really figure out who they are and what it’s like to be a person on this place we call earth. This is the year where we really start to figure out how to interact with our friends, teachers and family. We learn how to label our feelings and learn appropriate ways to express our feelings. What is unique in the Doves classroom is that this is the year when we really focus on potty training. We create personalized schedules for each child to make sure that one of the top priorities of the day is potty training. The Doves classroom is the year when our students start to become “little grownups,” and really begin to grow as their own people.

    • Lions
      Ages 3-4
    As the Lion’s teacher I strive to provide your child with a well structured, child guided learning experience.  I believe strongly in building young children’s social/emotional education right along with their academics.  The classroom itself is organized to provide your child with a comfortable base from which to learn and explore.  There are seven separate learning areas, a reading nook, and a cozy area.  And, of course, we have the bunnies.  Parents are welcome, and encouraged, to stop by any time to watch their child learn and grow.
    • Whales
      Ages 4-5

    This is the classroom where we relish being the ” Seniors” of the school… the pre-kindergartners.  In the whales classroom we explore a variety of academic skills.  Such as:  learning to write, recognize  numbers,  letters, and a various science subjects.. As whales we  strive to hone our phonemic awareness.  Additionally, playing is a big part of this classroom! 4 and 5 year olds learn so much when they engage in sociodramatic play! Dressing up, using our imaginations, building, running, jumping, singing and dancing are activities you will see in the Whales class! Finally, we learn about our  world on our field trips. These trips allow us to explore our community and all it has to offer!